5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week!

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Welcome back to Android Apps Weekly! Let’s check out the big headlines from the last week:

  • In perhaps the saddest news we’ve reported on in a while, the mobile-centric Humble Bundles are coming to an end. The service will still have apps in their regular Humble Bundle deals and as individual sales, but no more bundles with just mobile games. It was a staple event covered by this show for years and we’re sad to see it go.
  • In a surprising move, Google Play removed the famed Tasker application from the Play Store for an alleged permission that would ignore battery optimizations such as Doze Mode. What’s funny is the app had no such permission in the main version although it was present in the beta version. In any case, the app has been restored to the Play Store and is available right now.
  • The season of acquisitions continues this week as Pandora picked up Rdio for a cool $75 million. Rdio was circling the drain and was in the middle of declaring bankruptcy when Pandora stepped in and took over. We don’t know how this will affect Pandora, but we’ll know for sure sometime in 2016.
  • Pushbullet announced a new pro version of their popular application. It’ll cost you about $5/month or $40/year. What’s new? Pretty much nothing. The pro service is being criticized not because it’s charging money, but because it’s not giving anyone anything new. The same old Pushbullet now costs money and the free version is now a stripped down version. It’s available now if you’re interest.
  • Starting in early 2016, the Google Play Store will start letting users know if an application has advertising. This will be placed in the app listing right alongside the in-app purchases label to let everybody know. It should start rolling out Monday, January 11th.

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