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Do you know that the internet is vast and huge with “Billions” of websites.Out of these only around 5% of the internet is what we can surf and use.The rest 95% of the internet is hidden from the normal users and is reserved for the illegal jobs.

The deep web or the dark web is not accessible by normal search engines.These websites usually have the URL .onion.They have several illegal things going on inside them.According to a report more then 60% of the Deep web is filled with illegal activities like Drug selling,hiring a hacker or even hitman network.

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How can you access the deep web?

 I don’t recommend using the dark web as it can be harmful especially if your under 18.Here is a step by step guide to access it.
  • Download TOR Browser [ (Download HERE ]
  • Now inside TOR browser click new identity up top and do security level to high.You can find settings as shown in the image.
  • Now head over to “The Hidden wiki” just search it in the TOR browser
  • Here you can find a list of .onion websites which come under the deep web

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