Futuristic online shooter Space Jet soars into Google Play

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There are plenty of great space-themed shooters available on Android, but not many of them have a ton of online or multiplayer capabilities. If you’re looking for one to fit that bill, you might want to try out this new game that comes to us from Extreme Developers. Space Jet is a futuristic shooter that’s played entirely online, allowing you to constantly compete with other folks around the world in real time. There are plenty of daily challenges to complete that will help you win in-game currency so you can upgrade your ships.
The premise of Space Jet is simple – team up with other players and try to eliminate the enemy by any means possible. You can choose from 20 unique ships, and each one is upgradeable by using in-game gold and silver. You can upgrade your ship’s weapons, engine, shield and armor. Over a dozen camouflages and decals can also be added to your ship, allowing you to personalize it a bit more. There are tons of maps as well, so you probably won’t get too bored with this title very quickly at all.
It should be noted that a permanent internet connection is required to play this game, so keep that in mind before you try to play it without a Wi-Fi connection. Space Jet is free from the Google Play Store with optional in-app purchases. Interested? Follow the Play Store link below.

Download Space Jet from the Play Store

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