Instagram finally testing multiple account support!

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Do you have multiple Instagram accounts? Those of you who do can attest to the annoyance that it can be to switch between accounts. So far the only way to do this has been to sign in and out of separate accounts manually. Now we know this is something Instagram is definitely working on, and some of you are already lucky enough to have access to this feature.
The ability to log into multiple accounts and switch around is currently in beta, so you will either have to download the APK file or sign up for the Instagram Beta Program. The trick here is that it’s not just a matter of having the right app version (which would be 7.12.0). It seems the feature is going through a cloud-based rollout, so you have to get lucky too.
It will be easy to find out if you can use multiple Instagram accounts with the Android app. All you have to do to check is go into the settings and scroll all the way down. The option would read “Add Account”, and it would be located right under the button used to clear the search history.

From the “Add Account” section you can go ahead and choose whether you want to sign in or create a whole new account. After you have logged into more than one account, a selector will show up where the nickname usually goes. Tap on it and you will be presented with the option to switch. A green notification will reassure you that the switch has gone through, if you opt to enter the other account.
I, for one, am glad to see that Instagram is working on this. Plenty of people need to use multiple accounts, whether it’s for work/media reasons or you just want to have a secret life. Is the multiple account option showing up for any of you? Please hit the comments and let us know!

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