This is how Google streamlined its entertainment search results

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Have you tried searching on Google for a band, movie or TV show lately? You may have noticed things look a little different, if you used your smartphone or tablet. You are not going nuts, Google Search did make some major changes to its entertainment results.
Search queries will now result in a more streamlined interface that focuses on content related to whatever musician, movie or show you search. This will include images, an overview, songs, albums, cast and more.

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The service is not perfect yet. I did try to search for popular bands like The Beatles and Metallica and was presented with the same results as always. I was successful pulling up the new interface for musician Carla Morrison and my favorite film, Pan’s Labyrinth, though. In summary, it’s a hit or miss kind of thing, at least at this point.

By the way, this only works on Android’s Google Search app so far. Desktop results don’t show this new feature. iOS users are also left in the dark for the time being.
I happen to like the new interface, but tell us how you feel about it. Also, how successful were you at pulling this new feature with your favorite entertainment searches?


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