Top 10 Best iPad Apps of 2015

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The following is a list of the best iPad Apps of 2015:

Adobe Slate


If you’ve ever wanted to turn your vacation photos into a website, Adobe Slate is one of the simplest and most elegant solutions we’ve seen. The storytelling app helps you to turn your photos into interactive web-based stories that combine your photos and text with the app’s customizable layouts to create beautiful micro-sites.



Airbnb launched a dedicated iPad app this year that offers all the same functionality of the smartphone app but with a design that emphasizes the service’s many, many photos.

 Duet Display


Duet Display ($9.99) allows you to turn your iPad into a second display for your laptop, whether you are using a Mac or Windows. Better yet, it’s fast, responsive, and you don’t need to worry about mucking around with resolution or other display settings — just plug in and go. 



One of the best photo editors we saw this year, Enlight ($3.99) does everything from simple edits to advanced special effects to beautiful filters and artistic illustrations. You can make masks to selectively apply each effect you use and the app’s non-destructive editing means you can always go back to a previous version. Better yet, you can work with high resolution images without sacrificing quality. 



Part sketchbook and part storyboard, Forge consists of different “walls,” each of which is made up of several individual sketches, photos and notes centered around one project. Designed for quick, creative thinking, you use gestures to quickly jump between the different layers on a sketch or the different components on a wall.

  HBO Now 


A cord-cutter’s dream come true, HBO finally gave us a way to stream our favorite content without a cable subscription. The app has every episode of Silicon Valley, The Wire and Game of Thrones ever, along with the rest of the network’s other original series. ‘Nuff said.

  Khan Academy 


Khan Academy brought its app, which promises to help you learn more on just about any subject, to iPads this year. The tablet version comes with a few new handy features like a scratchpad to take notes while you’re watching videos.



If you read a lot of PDFs and other documents on your iPad then Liquid Text is a must-have. The app lets you annotate and manipulate documents the way you would with a physical book or notepad. You can highlight text and pull out sections as separate notes that link back to where they appear in-line. It also has an innovative gesture-based way for viewing two pages at once, even if they don’t appear near each other in the document. Did we mention it’s 100% free?

 Tweetbot 4 


If you’re a Twitter power user then Tweetbot 4 ($4.99) will help you level up your game. The app gives you fine-tuned controls for muting users you don’t want to hear from or topics you don’t want to hear about and allows you to sync your timeline across multiple devices. The iPad version also has a column view optimized for multitasking and a night mode for nighttime reading.



One of the first dedicated iPad Pro apps, uMake, which allows you to sketch in 3D, showcases the power of Apple’s professional-grade tablet. The sketches you make can be exported into a variety of formats and tweaked on desktop software.

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