HOW TO POSE AND LOOK SLIMMER IN FULL BODY PHOTOS IF YOU ARE CHUBBY: With the incredible popularization of social networks, keeping our profile updated has become a challenge. Personal diaries have changed to become public diaries where we capture everything we do on a day-to-day basis. What we eat, where we go and with whom, our way of training, clothes we buy among other things.

The world of appearances can be very complex, and therefore we will always want to look our best. The poses to look slimmer in the photos are a great help, so here we have brought them to you.

Best poses to look slimmer in photos

Boys and girls usually spend many hours taking photos. Because we just can’t find the perfect angle or pose, and we always find some flaw that completely takes away our charm. Getting to take the perfect photo requires many unsuccessful attempts. But everything will become easier if you find the perfect pose.

  • Front poses

If you want to look slimmer, forget about side poses. The best face will be from the front or slightly tilted to the side to show the sensual curves. You can vary the poses, sitting, standing, on a ladder, you can use your imagination. And the most important thing is to always be straight, with your shoulders back and your belly tucked in.

  • Show your curves

To hide those rolls in the waist, what you should do is bring the attention to another area of ​​your body. The straighter you are, the flatter your stomach will look. So get straight, stretch your legs, lift your gluts, and put your hands on your hips for a perfect pose.

  • Sitting

As you sit, your hips flare a bit more and your waist gets smaller, so you have a chance to show off an hourglass body without actually having it. You do not feel completely straight in a simple pose, you can lean your body to the side and stretch the abdomen as much as possible. Another pose would be crossing the legs and crossing your arm in front of the stomach to hide it.

What angle suits me the most if I want to look slim in photos?

All girls have a side that favors us more than another, so your duty is to find that side first. Then when you have to take a photo, don’t limit yourself to one photo. Alone or accompanied, dare to try hundreds of new poses so that you can find the ideal one for you.

In any case, if you want to look slimmer, forget about right angles. Always look for the photo to be taken from the side, with the phone slightly tilted, and from a safe height. Also, be sure to choose the right clothes. Neutral colors make us look much thinner than we are, so experiment with that too.

How to find my perfect angle in photos?


The addiction to social networks results in us desperately running after perfection. When in reality, that concept is very far from reality. And the truth is that even the most famous models use the angles that most favor them to take their photos. So do it too.

The first thing you should do is find the angle that suits you best, we all have one. In my case it is the right, but you take your time so that you realize which side of your body you like the most. Starting from there, you will already have an idea of ​​how to take the photos.

Another good idea is to experiment with the position of the phone. You’d be surprised at the ways the phone is positioned to achieve a good angle. If you take it from above you can see yourself smaller than you already are, so if you are short to look a little taller you should take the photos from below.

Either way, it all depends on tastes and colors. Do not get carried away by the photos of girls you see on social networks, because both they and you have found their own way to shine. Find your way and make the best of it!

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