WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO PUT ON AND TIE THE SHOELACES? Nothing better than completing an outfit with a good pair of shoes or suitable tennis shoes. They are extremely necessary and more when it comes to a quite comfortable and fresh style.

The converse is undoubtedly one of those essentials that cannot be missing. Since they can practically complete any type of look.

So knowing how to tie shoelaces (whether for women or men) in different ways will be essential when you want to give it a unique touch.

However, if you want to learn how to tie high converse laces or laces for sports shoes, or boots, (both as an adult and as a child) continue reading.

Ways to lace your shoes

Now I will teach you the different ways of how to put or tie the laces / laces to the shoes, tennis or converse to the ankle step by step.

Cross Shape:

 First, you are going to pass each end of the lace through the first two holes that are in the main part of the boot, that is, near the toe. It should be a horizontal and straight shape. Make sure the two ends are equal in size.

Take one of the parts of the cord, left or right, and cross it to the side of the row of holes opposite to the one. Passing it through the second hole in that part.

You will do the same with the other part of the cord. In such a way that as they are crossed, they form like an x in each pass until they reach the end and tie them up.

Straight Shape:

 You will place the laces in the main part of the boot, passing them through the first two holes. Then you will take one of the parts of the cord to the hole that follows it, passing it inside. and then you will cross it horizontally to the buttonhole of the opposite row in which it is.

You will do the same with the other end of the cord, skipping over a hole that is already covered. And when you get to the end you tie it with a knot; you can hide it under the tongue of the shoe.

Criss-Cross Shape:

you hold the lace at the beginning of the shoe through the first two eyelets. Then take the two ends and cross them twice over each other right in the center. So that each part is returned in its row of holes to pass through each of them.

This process is repeated on each pass until the end. So that we are left as a kind of tangled.

Crossed Shape 3 Times:

 For this we will do almost the same as in the previous one. The difference is that in the center the two ends of the cord will intersect three times. To then go through the buttonhole opposite the one they were previously. This is done until the end.

To tie laces in 4 or 5 holes, I recommend you make the first and second lacing. Since they are easy and because there are few buttonholes, they suit that type of shoes better.

How to tie your shoes so that the laces are not visible

To tie the laces of the converse or boots without them being seen you have to do any of the following options:

  • Tie the knot under the tongue of the shoe.
  • Another option is to tie a small knot at each end of the cord near the last hole where the tie ended. Always on the inside and leaving the laces inside the shoe.
  • You can also make a small knot on the inside at the end of braiding just in one of the corners of the last hole. So it will not be seen.

Different ways to tie the laces of high Converse

We leave you some of the most practical and simple ways to tie the laces of the high converse giving it a different style.

  • Leave the last two holes free. So that with the remaining laces. We can wrap the ankle a few times and finally make a loop. Which can go back or forward.
  • Loosen the laces a bit and tie the knot right there, leaving 2 holes free.
  • You can use colored laces or ribbons for white converse.
  • Before reaching the end, cross the laces inside forming an x and make a small knot or loop.

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