HOW TO WEAR FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS WITH SOCKS? Women’s sandals or flip-flops with socks are now in fashion. And it is that if something as controversial as this has left a great impact.

Surely something like this had not been seen before, because according to many trends, sandals should be used alone for a completely “aesthetic and sophisticated” look. In addition to the fact that using pantyhose should be super discreet so that “they will not ruin all the outfit”.

However, thanks to how changeable fashion can be, it gives rise to versatility and controversy. Thus, various unimaginable combinations have emerged that have hit the spot. Making enough noise in the world to make them trending all over the place.

And what a crazy combination than wearing flip flops or sandals with socks. Perfect for not having to endure or bear the cold in winter, or for mere comfort.

This trend of sandals with socks or stockings is used by men and women approximately since 2019 where it gave much more impact.

How to wear sandals or flip flops with stockings or socks if you are a woman?

Although this fashion has left an impact because of how inappropriate it can be for many, for others it has become a truly exceptional trend. You can look good, feel comfortable and not have to endure the cold by pretending that everything is calm.

There are a variety of shapes, styles, and designs for wearing sandals with stockings or socks. I would say that it is the easiest thing there can be, as long as you take into account things like:

That the color of the stocking is soft, and calm like white or beige, if they are dark sandals, or a striking color like pink, brown, blue or purple.

If you want to use colored stockings, I recommend purple, red, blue, orange or green. And make sure your sandal is black; and in other instances they may be white or brown.

Try to be in tune with your clothes. For example, if the stockings are colorful or with a pattern, I recommend having soft or dark garments followed by relaxed accessories in other shades. But they are not the same as the color of your socks so that everything looks much more uniform and chic.

Another option is to create an outfit in black or in dark tones, like the socks, and give the touch of transition with the color of the sandals.

You can also create a pastel colored look. With a pink sweater, gray jeans or jumpsuit, blue bag , green socks (all in pastel shades) and white or black sandals, with sunglasses and simple accessories.

Meet the fashion of wearing high-heeled sandals with socks

Another way to use stockings or socks with other types of shoes is with heels. Without a doubt it is another of the most crazy but comfortable and chic options that there may be, believe it or not. You can see this type of fashion in well-known celebrities and on the catwalks of clothing brands such as Gucci, Prada, Miu and others.

This fashion has had a very good impact on many styles. Since it enhances and adds sophistication to the selected outfit, providing elegance and glamor.

The socks that are most worn with heels are the unicolor, dotted, shiny, and transparent socks, since they provide much more sophistication.

This trend goes excellent with skirts and dresses, as it is better appreciated and enhances the figure much more. On the other hand, opting for long pants is not a very good idea.

They are usually combined with a touch of color that is worn throughout the look, such as accessories, shirt or skirt.

It is an option that you can use without fear. The question is always going to be in selecting the correct stockings and heels that go in good proportion with the rest of the look.

Ideas for wearing Nike or Adidas flip flops with socks

This idea arose precisely from comfort, and controversy. Many people choose to wear Nike or Adidas flip flops with socks and stockings.

Some way to use Nike flip flops with socks is trying to have a good contrast of colors and textures. It is best to combine them with a fairly relaxed and neutral look.

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