Jeans or flared dress jeans for women and men have once again become a staple in any wardrobe.

These flared pants are a very comfortable and versatile piece of clothing. Thanks to the shape they have, they create a very stylized look, and best of all, they favor all body types.

Flared pants made a big impact in the 1970s and are back with much more force. It should be noted that this fashion did not go away completely since many people continued to use it.

Recognized stores continue to sell and impose this fashion with variations in the design making it more and more modern. The bell Zara pants are an excellent choice if you do not know where to start to buy them.

What are boot cut pants?

The boot cut pants are those that have a straight fall that adapts the figure perfectly. And that is expanding in the part of the boot without getting so flared. They basically have the perfect space to cover the shoe.

These pants greatly enhance and stylize the silhouette of almost all body types. They are ideal for both men and women, making them a truly versatile garment.

To be sure of choosing the perfect boot cut pants, I recommend that you pay attention to: that they are tight at the hips. Whether they are medium high or completely high rise. Let it loosen up a bit at the knees and then expand a little more until the end without becoming flared.

How to combine flared pants for women

The best way to combine these bell bottoms should be with other clothes that are simple and accessories that are discreet or a bit flashy.

You can use slightly baggy blouses, in light or dark colors, or with very simple prints, since in itself the pants have all the attention.

You can also use sweaters made of fine fabrics, or complement with a jacket that is a bit long reaching the hips or a little longer. Cardigans can be a great option.

Wear button-down dress shirts or blouses that are not too baggy and that fall to or before the hips.

Combine them with accessories such as dark colored scarves, bandanas or hair bows. Also with simple necklaces that reach the chest and sunglasses.

You can wear tight blouses or tops to enhance your waist. They can be a bit short and have a bit of movement as well.

For fabric bell bottoms, you can use short blouses or blouses made of very light fabric that do not exceed the hips. And that counteracts with the color of the pants, for example if it is a cream color, the blouse can be red wine or orange.

What sneakers can I wear with boot cut or flared pants?

To complement this type of boot cut or flared pants, it is recommended to use high heels or high heels. These might be:

  • High or low heels. This type of shoe will make you look much more stylized and will bring more movement to the look.
  • Platforms are another excellent option to enhance the figure and look much more beautiful. The best thing is that you can use it at any part of the day.
  • Black or brown high heel ankle boots. They are undoubtedly perfect to wear with either of these two pants, as they provide a very modern and sophisticated style to the look.
  • Sandals can be another option, however they won’t be as stylish unless they have a bit of a heel. If you are going to use this type of shoe, I recommend wearing pants with the boot just at the ankle and that is not so wide.
  • Low-top sneakers are not recommended as they do not stylize or add a good volume to the silhouette of your body. And if you are short, it will make you look much smaller, if the boot of the pants is too long or wide. That is why it is advisable to use shoes with heels to lengthen the figure.
  • For tall girls this flared pants is highly recommended. Well, it unifies your height and enhances your body much more. For them it is advisable to wear sneakers with a low or medium heel.