HOW TO DRESS A CHUBBY TO LOOK SLIMMER AND TALLER? If you are chubby and sometimes you do not know what to wear to look much more stylish and fashionable at the same time, do not despair. There are some fashion tips to look slimmer and more accomplished.

And don’t worry, if you think you’re too chubby. Nothing that good style and good attitude can’t fix. And when I say fix, I mean to show your true personality that will make you look much more confident, confident and beautiful.

So first of all you must have a good self-esteem to really look pretty. Creating good energy in you will undoubtedly make anything look its best for you.

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  1. How to dress to look slimmer
  2. Tricks to get thinner in photos
  3. Tips to look slimmer in summer

How to dress to look slimmer

For this you must include the style you have. Opting for the best pieces or garments to look well stylized.

  • Know what your body is like. Not all chubby bodies are the same, not really anybody. So knowing it will help you choose the right clothes to look slimmer and more youthful.
  • Choose to wear comfortable underwear that fits your silhouette Because if you get your breasts in place, like other things, they will create a beautiful and elongated silhouette to dress.
  • You can choose dresses to look slimmer and taller, that accentuate your waist and have A-cuts or that are a little stuck in the legs.
  • If you use dress shirts or blouses to look slimmer, of a light color and have a pattern, make sure they are very small and simple. It also uses straight lines
  • Wear dark colored pants, which reach a little to the waist to accentuate it much better.
  • As for colors that make you look fatter, there is white. This will only create much more volume and an illusion contrary to what we want. So opt for black, and others that are dark, as these do enhance the figure and subtract that volume.
  • Avoid ruffled shirts.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or baggy, as this will create the illusion you don’t want. Wear what fits you without more or less. It favors much more.
  • Putting on simple, thin and delicate accessories will also make you look longer, slimmer, and more stylized.

Tricks to get thinner in photos

Since you have the perfect clothes to look slim, it’s photo time and there are a couple of tricks that will surely help you.

First you should know that even if you have the best outfit in the world if your complete image is not fixed, you will not have done anything.

  • So get cute, with hairstyles to look slimmer, and that stylize your face. Also opt for a good makeup, very simple and natural.
  • Now is the time for photos, you should always take them from a right angle. Never from below or high above.
  • Pose with your hand on the waist, this will accentuate it more and make it much more illusion.
  • Always stand straight. If you are sitting or standing, this will create a very neat and elongated figure.
  • Roll onto your side and turn slightly towards the camera. Not head-on as the illusion will not be created at all.
  • You can edit the photos a bit with a filter, but without looking too fake.
  • Stretch your neck a little, to make it look slimmer.
  • Keep your shoulders slightly
  • Cross your ankles.
  • Keep your arms loose, without pressing them against your body or each other.

Tips to look slimmer in summer

Believe it or not, in summer it can be easy to create the illusion of looking slimmer and more stylized than you think.

  • First look at the clothes that accentuate your waist. If they show a little skin better, with a short or high pants and a strap that emphasizes this area.
  • Look for v-necklines, also dresses with light fabrics such as Body on. Unique for their calm tones, as they are colors that make you look thinner.
  • Depending on your proportions, you can put something tight with something loose. Thus counteracting where we have less volume to balance.
  • And finally you can use sportswear to look   

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